Your friendly neighborhood yeti.
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Laying in bed thinking about women after watching kpop ladies..Tbh when I like women I tend to like women who are ten years older than me and also married. I’m like the reverse of a cougar. Cougar chaser. Is that thing?

hope you feel better soon! and that the kpop can help cure your illness

"I Was Healed By Bubble Pop" an inspirational story of one man’s road to recovery.

princedoki replied to your post “princedoki replied to your post:A pause in the vomiting. Time to watch…”

that’s so great :”””) i love ur mom

me tooooo. livin that mama’s boy life. 

awwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! i hope you feel better soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thaaanks. i’m hoping so too this came out of nowhere. my cat is helping by sitting by me and purring loudly and then stealing my spot every time i run to the bathroom. but mudds should be home in a little less than an hour and my crazy mother is driving me intense anti-nausea meds (mom i live out of state and i am seeing you friday what are you doing but i am so thankful you are doing it)

A pause in the vomiting. Time to watch more hot kpop lady music videos.

home sick in bed so of course i decide to register for a flight rising account…and now i can’t decide what dragon clan to swear my loyalty to…forever. i’m not ready for this level of commitment.


you know what happens next.

Masterstudy done for class ovo